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Beach Nourishment

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  • Portions of the beach south of the Avon pier



Future Projects

  • EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 8: DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY 3/19/2013 I hereby declare that a state of emergency as defined in N.C.G.S. 166A-19.3(6) and 166A-19.3(18) exists in the State of North Carolina as a result of the continued overwash to portions of NC Highway 12 which causes a continued threat to public safety and transportation infrastructure between the northern end of the temporary bridge on Pea Island to a point 3,250 feet south of SR 1495 (Corbina Drive) in the Village of Rodanthe.
  • Beach Nourishment Rodanthe and Buxton 3/8/2013 Coastal Science and Engineering, the company that led Nags Heads 10-mile beach-widening project, has been chosen to begin preliminary work on a project to pump sand onto the Rodanthe and Buxton shorelines.
  • Beach nourishment at S-curves not likely until late summer or early fall 6/7/2013 IFP

Past Projects

Conversations and News

  • APOA Letter ~ Beach Nourishment Sample Letter The comment period for the USACE emergency nourishment project to protect the sandbags at the s-curves in Rodanthe ends at 5pm on July 30th. Click on link above for a sample letter that we have been using to push out through the Replace the Bridge Committee as a sample for your use and distribution. Feedback is that there have not been many comments submitted in support from Hatteras Island. It is very, very important that we show our support for this action that was allowed under the retroactive emergency declaration by the Governor in March. As far as how to submit comments the instructions from USACE are as follows: "If comments are being submitted on behalf of an agency, municipality, or other organization, our preference is to have those submitted on letter head so that we are assured that they are truly the official position of the organization. Electronic submission of a scanned copy of a signed letter is fine." Please send scanned and signed copy to: william.j.biddlecome@usace.army.mil

  • Beach Nourishment Status 5/30/2013.
  • Beach Nourishment plans in the Mirlo Beach area responding to the damage from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easters of October and November 2012.
  • Joint Venture Permit Collaboration for North Carolina's Outer Banks facebook page of the group who came and spoke at the Fessenden Center in May 2012.
  • NC DOT answers questions.
  • Carol Dillon Dawson of Cape Hatteras Motel in Buxton is a frequent facebook poster on beach recovery.

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Sand dunes provide a barrier to protect Hatteras Island, the houses and businesses of Avon. Please...

Beach Nourishment

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