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Beach Respect
Help us keep the red cans on Avon Beach all summer long!

Greetings ~

The APOAs Beach Trash Patrol aka Beach Respect is in full swing for the 2014 season. This successful program has been in existence for a number of years, helping to keep our beaches litter free. Red trash cans are placed along the oceanfront beach from one end of Avon to the other and are emptied several times a week. Our cost for this service significantly increased for 2014 due to the National Park Service removal of dumpsters from the park which required APOA to purchase a dumpster and pay Dare County trash fees.

Avon is the only village which provides oceanfront clean-up so that our families and visitors can enjoy a litter-free beach. APOA could not fund this program without the help from our community and we thank you for your contribution in years past. That said, we come to you seeking your financial support once again. Take a moment now to answer our call for assistance. Why not drop off a check at Frank & Fran's today?


CONTACT US with questions and donations.

The following organizations have donated to the 2014 APOA Beach Respect Project:

  • Askins Creek Store
  • Avon Property Owners' Association
  • Homeowners are adding extra to their dues to donate to the APOA Beach Respect Project!

  • Greater Kinnakeet Shores Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • Kinnakeet Shores Property Owners Association (KSPOA)
  • Wings

In kind donations:

  • Frank and Fran's the Fisherman's Friend

Doggie Stations are available throughout Kinnakeet Shores.
Please encourage their use.

If you want to have a fire on the beach, click here for a Beach Fire Permit. Be safe!

Please Join APOA or Contribute to the APOA Beach Respect Project!

updated August 1, 2014