Avon Property Owners Association


The following issues are of importance to Avon property owners. Please keep checking back for updates and let us know if there are other issues you would like to see listed.


Click here for information about the APOA Boardwalks.

Beach Respect

Click here for information about the APOA Beach Trash Patrol.


All fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal on Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands.

Flood Insurance

Click here for more resources and links to help understand flood insurance.

Hurricanes and Nor'easters

Click here for more resources and links to prepare for hurricanes.

Beach Access

Many Avon property owners have questions about the latest rules and regulations governing beach access. The most up-to-date sources for information are the Preserve Beach Access web site and the Island Free Press.

Bonner Bridge

For updates on the status of the Bonner Bridge replacement project, please visit replacethebridgenow.com.


APOA Curbside Recycling

Markets do exist for our recycleables! They are not being dumped in a swamp. So please participate in our curbside program! The cost is $10 / week or $140 for the season. We provide each home with a bin and a roll cart. Which remain the property of Hatteras Recycle. The current process is labor intensive because we have to sort the recyclables. The county is working towards converting to a single stream recycling process. When this occurs we maybe able to reduce our rates and become more automated.