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An amount of $1,500.00, as approved by the membership at the Fall 1998 general meeting of the AVON PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, shall be awarded annually to a maximum of two (2) graduating Seniors of the Cape Hatteras Secondary School (CHSS) OR graduating Seniors who meet the following qualifications, and are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Association. The Scholarship Award is paid in two installments: 1st year Award - $500.00; 2nd year Award - $1,000.00.

The Scholarship Committee shall be comprised of the members of the Executive Board of the Association, unless otherwise appointed by the Associations Board of Directors.


  1. Recipient shall be a permanent resident of the Village of Avon, as defined in the APOA by-laws.
  2. Recipient shall have been accepted into a full-time post high school program of study, leading to a minimum of an Associate Degree.
  3. Recipient shall provide written documentation of acceptance and enrollment prior to December 31st of the year of graduation, into a degree program at a recognized post high school institution, as required and approved by the APOA Scholarship Committee, for receipt of the initial $500.00 award.
  4. Recipient shall additionally provide written documentation of acceptance at the institution, prior to December 31st of the second consecutive year (not semester) of enrollment, for receipt of the second installment ($1,000.00) of the scholarship.
  5. Application shall be made by completion of APOA Scholarship Application, accompanied by a high school transcript and other required documentation, and submitted to the Cape Hatteras Secondary School Guidance Office or to the APOA Scholarship Committee, no later than April 15th, of each year.

Selection of the recipient shall be made by the APOA Scholarship Committee based upon the applicant's academic record, character, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, future goals and financial need.

Should there be no student graduating or applying, who meets the residency and other requirements, the APOA Scholarship Committee, at their discretion, may make the award to any other graduating senior who meets the requirements, other than residency.

Upon receipt by the Committee of the required documentation of acceptance and enrollment, a check in the name of and payable to the institution for the awarded amount, shall be mailed to the institution in subsequent years, prior to December 31st, by the APOA Treasurer, to be applied to the recipient's account.

Scholarship Recipient will be given a letter of Scholarship Award. All subsequent contact should be addressed to: APOA TREASURER, P. O. Box 9, Avon, NC 27915. Inquiries may be made to the following: info@avonpoa.org

Last revised: 4/7/2014

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